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Interview with the Dittligmühle

Patrick Cometta is a former ski racer and has been a professional triathlete since 2023. His greatest successes to date include 3 age group victories over the middle distance, and a 14th place (age group) at the Ironman World Championship in Hawai'i.

Why do you rely on the products of Dittligmühle?

I do about 20-25 hours of training per week, and a ride through the Gantrisch region is one of my favourite routes. As an athlete, my body is my capital, which is why a balanced diet and regional products are particularly important to me. Dittligmühle fulfils both aspects with its products.

How do the products fit into your daily training routine?

I usually have three training sessions a day. Before the first swim training session early in the morning, I like to eat Gantrisch 5-grain bread. Afterwards I look forward to my second breakfast, supplementing one of the Gantrisch muesli with fresh fruit and yoghurt, so I cover all the important nutrients. Between the second and third workout in the afternoon, I usually eat bread again. For dessert in the evening, or a snack in between, I like my girlfriend's homemade peanut-oat cookies.

What is your favourite?

Those who know me well know that I like muesli not only for breakfast, but at any time of the day (also as Zvieri, Znüni and dessert). I appreciate the versatility of Dittligmühle's muesli selection, so when I have to choose a favourite, I tend to go for the kernel muesli. Unlike comparable products, the muesli range does not contain unnecessary amounts of sugar. That's why I can enjoy any müesli with a clear conscience.

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