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In order to be in top form at the start of my next competition, I spend a lot of time on my bike, running and in the water. Triathlon is not only an investment in terms of time, but also in financial terms.

In order for me to take the next step into the professional field, I need your support.

Become part of my team as a sponsor, patron, outfitter...

I look forward to any support.


Team Duxsports

One Team. One Passion,

The aim is to connect people and do sport together. Training and competitions are simply more fun together. So let's act as one team and show the passion that unites us to the outside world. In 2024, our third year, 36 age group athletes and 4 professionals will represent our team!


ERDINGER Alkoholfrei

The sporty thirst quencher. Whether as a reward after a hard day's work or out of sheer pleasure. ERDINGER Alkoholfrei quenches your thirst the tangy way.

Naturally. Sporty. Refreshing.

Gantrisch_Goldkorn_RGB_farbig_abgerundet_beiger-HG (1).jpg


Healthy, regional and local - these words describe the Dittligmühle. Their range includes around 30 different baking mixes, over 20 standard flours, 5 muesli mixes and various cereals, which I am allowed to enjoy.

David Bürgy Allianz Insurance


If you are looking for a knowledgeable and trustworthy insurance partner, David Bürgy is the right choice.


My sport

The MY sport Triathlon-Club offers athletes in the greater Zurich area an ideal platform to enjoy endurance sports together.



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