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Aloha – The bags are packed an I am ready to go 😊

After a successful Ironman Switzerland (3rd place AK) at the beginning of July, I took a short break. This gave my body a chance to recover from the exertions of the first half of the season and I also enjoyed the break mentally. With new strength I started to build up for my big goal, the Ironman World Championship Hawaii.

In the first weeks of training, the focus was on cycling and swimming. So I swam up to 23km per week and completed about 400 bike kilometers per week. I increased the running volume only slowly during this phase. This way I was able to take care of my joints and ligaments after the Ironman in Thun and prevent possible injuries. Two to three strength sessions per week also helped to reduce the injury profile.

The training during the last six weeks went very well. I was able to train high volumes (20-26h per week) without any incidents. So I feel fit as never before and I am looking forward to the competition.

The Ironman Hawaii is not only one of the biggest sportive challenges because of the distance of 3.8km swimming, 180km biking and 42km running. But also the desolation in the lava desert as well as the weather conditions with wind, 80% humidity and hot temperatures, make the world championships legendary. In order to prepare myself optimally for the external conditions, I started heat training four weeks ago. I did two to three hours of training on an indoor bike in the bathroom at 85% humidity and 29 degrees. I often rode at competition pace while practicing competition nutrition. I sweated up to 1.2 liters per hour and had to drink accordingly.

These measurements and experiences could give me the decisive advantage in Hawaii.

Now there are only two weeks left until the big day. I am continuously reducing my training in order to be in the best possible physical and mental condition at the start on October 6. Despite the sporting ambitions, the joy and gratitude that I can experience this journey and the event are in the foreground. So I will definitely go through the day with a smile and think of all the great supporters of this project. Mahalo - Thank you at this point!

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